the beautiful Baron family!!















this family…absolutely beautiful, folks!  both inside and out.  i cannot tell you how much i enjoyed this afternoon with mike & elissa and their sweet little boy.  he was a DOLL!  and this was apparently an “off” day because he had just had some shots.  oh my word.  can you imagine the “on” days?!  what an absolute cutie!  of course, it doesn’t hurt to have stunning parents…

baron family, what a great afternoon!  mike, thank you for your service.  i look forward to seeing what the next few years bring to you and your precious family.  blessings to you, friends!










i’ll never forget the first time i met andrew.  it was a hot summer day, and aubrey, my oldest, & i were walking to the gym, and there they were:  ross, deborah, and their three strapping young men, unloading a moving truck in our neighborhood. (NOT unusual when you live on a military post!)  what was truly refreshing to see though was the boys and their work ethic…sweating and hauling stuff right along with their parents.  not complaining, just helping.  we stopped to chat for a minute, welcomed them to the neighborhood, and i knew instantly i would like them.  their boys were respectful and polite, down-to-earth and playful.  i was pretty sure they got that from their parents…and i wasn’t wrong.  hard to believe that was almost two years ago…

andrew has attended three (3!) different high schools in his secondary career.  he’s moved more times in the last few years than i’m sure he cares to remember.  been the new kid…again.  ah…the cross our military brats must carry.  there is a very, very special place in my heart for them.  but i have to say: andrew’s carried it well.  you would never know from the looks of it that he’s been all over the country…from the midwest to the east coast.  he’s dug in deep wherever he’s been.  made friends, gotten involved.  really made the best of whatever situation he found himself in.  really, the kind of kid that makes you swell with pride…

deborah and ross…i know you must be more than proud!  of the bright young man andrew has become, the obstacles he’s had to conquer, and the hurdles he’s gotten over.  and more than that really.  just proud of who he is.  i know as he spreads his wings this next year, you’ll always be in his corner…

andrew…it actually comforts me knowing you’ve been through so many changes already…you’ve got this!  i’m praying for you as you move on to your next adventure…that you will continue to meet each new challenge with the courage and strength instilled in you.  much hope and blessings…


BEN!  cannot believe this handsome young gentleman is about to graduate…where does the time go??










i seriously can remember making ben hold my hand because he wouldn’t sit still while in a co-op class at PWOC when he was about 9.  HAHA!!  sorry, ben…i just have this image of you stuck in my head of this young kid with so much stinkin’ energy.  LOTS of things have changed since then…good gracious, time will do that.  you’ve grown into such a considerate and humble young man.  one of my favorite parts of being around you is your interaction with your family.  the way y’all clearly and genuinely love each other is so heartwarming.  your love of music, hard work to earn your eagle scout, and the way you just love life is so encouraging.  i know mom & dad must be so very proud…as am i…

with graduation so close, keep loving jesus best, ben.  follow hard after Him.  i’m so excited for you as you get ready to start your new adventure this fall, and cannot wait to hear the reports of your challenges and successes along the way.  wishing you all the best, friend…full of hope and joy.



but really…could they be more precious??  LOVE












when i first met reagan & mike, i knew we were going to be in for a sweet time.  reagan is from georgia, and she reminded me of all that i loved about the place:  charming southern accent, sweet tea, and politeness and goodness all around.  and mike, being from these “northern” parts in virginia made a perfect match with her.  patient (with her suitcase full of wardrobe changes!), understanding, and encouraging.  just so darn precious.  really!!  of course, it doesn’t hurt to be gorgeous in the first place, right?!  we met up in harper’s ferry (SO cool!) and shot until the sun went down.  it was so great.  love this historic town and the feel it brought to this sweet couple.

reagan & mike…thank you again for such a great afternoon.  praying for peace as you enter into a new adventure this year as husband and wife.  the best is always yet to come!!  many blessings, friends…






yes, i know.  it’s mid january, and i’ve been…well…missing.  missing in action.  missing here. or there. or everywhere. {and now i’m sounding like a dr. seuss book. oh dear.}  but really, i’ve been here.  just…in spirit.  the holidays, family, friends, and then illnesses took priority.  BUT…i’m back!  and really excited about what 2013 holds!  stay tuned for details…

in the meantime, enjoy the wilkinson family!








i realized that i could just take all day and shoot bob & karel.  for real.  not that june and ben aren’t great {they’re great kids, for real!!  and you’ll see ben’s senior photos soon.}.  it’s just that the love that bob & karel share is so evident.  by the way they look at each other…treat each other…and just love being together.  it’s just so genuine…and so very sweet.  the other person is FIRST.  always.  at least, that’s the way i see it…and i’m pretty sure that’s the way it is when no one is looking, too…

and this love and respect for one another oozes out into the rest of their family…and beyond.  i enjoy this family for so many reasons, and, if you’ve been around much, you know this isn’t the first time i’ve photographed them.  but every time {EVERY time!} i remember why i love them so stinkin’ much.  their love and joy just makes you want to spend ginormous amounts of time with them.  they love you regardless.  and it’s contagious!

wilkinsons…how can i ever thank you enough?  y’all really do live out Jesus in  your everyday lives and it’s so very encouraging to watch.  you’re absolutely beautiful, and i cannot tell you how excited i am to keep watching and learning and growing…


the meisenheimers!!  just know that you, too, might end up at the thrift store if i really, really like you. HA!  and i feel the need to mention it was the only 85 degree day with 90% humidity at the beginning of october – ugggh!  BUT…they ALL were troopers!  albeit, soaked through in the end, but troopers nonetheless!   thanks mike, carrie, and c…y’all are the best!

it seems like a lifetime ago that i first met carrie on fort belvoir.  she was on staff with military ministry through campus crusade for two years there, serving the chapel community, and, more specifically, our kiddos.  her main objective was to love on military brats and their families…and boy, she did it well!  my girls in particular had a very special relationship with carrie.  i think they were 10 and 6 at the time.  she would hang out with them, love on them, and always, ALWAYS make them feel special.  i mean, she was a cool, 20-something gal who lived out of her car half the time!  who wouldn’t love that?!  WE did!  when ty deployed, she spent even more time with us, even sleeping over sometimes :)  such sweet, sweet memories of her living life with us…

fast forward (through all of us military wives forever trying to set her up!), and she began to talk about this guy named mike.  who was amazing…patient with her fears, willing to wait for her, pursue her, and love her.  they had been friends for a long time, through campus outreach, and eventually fell in love.  and got married.  and had a baby!  LOVE it!  and what a precious family they are indeed…with baby #2 expected in 2013!  and now they continue to love on college kids in the south with campus outreach…

mike and carrie, what a privilege, truly, to capture your family.  carrie, “thank you” seems so insufficient for the deep gratitude i have for you pouring into our family.  i have loved watching your lives, and hearing of your adventures…going wherever Jesus leads.  and how He never disappoints.  i know it isn’t always easy, but you sure make it look that way.  praying so many blessings for you this new year…


what great memories of celebrating tera and ryan on such a beautiful day.  and i’ll admit that narrowing down their photos was much harder than i anticipated.  so…sit back, relax, and enjoy this sweet couple…

i wouldn’t be lying if i said that tera and ryan are some of the best people i’ve ever had the privilege to photograph.  tera and ty (my sweet husband) had worked together for a year before she and ryan got engaged, so i had gotten to know her a bit.  she is one of the most kind and compassionate people i know, and i was so excited when she asked if i would be willing to capture their big day.  even on her wedding day, tera was constantly thinking of others.  and it was so SO fun to see her and ryan interact.  so fun and silly…and, of course, so much in love.  and since we had plenty of time in between the ceremony and reception, we walked lots of old town alexandria and had our own adventures along the way…

tera and ryan…thank you again.  i honestly don’t know of a better way i could have spent this day.  what great memories.  praying for a lifetime of love and commitment…for hope and peace to always fill your home.  and that you would find more than you could ask or imagine in the days and years to come.  blessings, friends…


bethany had a late graduation celebration this past august…so, as we took these photos in july, she already knew she would be heading off to college soon thereafter.  and now, already, she is past midterms in her first semester.  i’m so very proud, bethany.  what a beautiful young lady you’ve grown to be, inside and out…

really, it seems i’ve known bethany a lifetime…but i suppose it has been near 10 years.  WOW!  i’m so old…er.  yes, oldER…not old!  anyway, we really always wanted to call bethany “bubbles” because she was always the bubbling, happy one in any group.  seriously.  and it’s still true today!  reminds me of her dad.  and i wouldn’t want it any other way.  her sweet spirit has a way of putting you at ease.  she loves to sing and read, watch movies and hang with her friends and family.

bethany, i know God’s got big plans for you at meredith and beyond!  keep looking to Him…He’ll guide you in all the right steps along the way.  i’m praying for you, sweet girl.  that your life would continue to show true joy to a hurting world, and bring hope and peace.  much, much love.


another beautiful family on the blog…the dentons!

i met this great family on the sidelines of noel’s soccer games.  our girls had become friends, playing with the same team for a couple of seasons.  and what fun we had!  i’ve become super nostalgic this fall…well with all of the change upon us now.  noel and gracie both entered high school, and the team won’t ever play together again.  really closing out that chapter, especially as we moved 30 minutes south this spring.  anyway, i was thrilled to be able to capture this sweet, sweet family…just as they are!  just very chill and GORGEOUS!

thank you again, denton family, for a great afternoon!  we will miss seeing you all the time {but are thankful we’re not TOO far away!}.  and hold tight…those precious girls will keep growing so very fast.  praying the best for you all this season…


i have loved this couple from the moment we met!  {you can find their engagement photos HERE}  and we knew we were in for some challenges when the weather was calling for a high of 43 degrees and rain on this spring day in april.  OHMYWORD!  i’m thinking most brides would fall apart at the thought, as they’ve planned for so many hours and dreamed for so many countless days about their “perfect” day…the sun will shine and it will be a perfect 70 degrees.  yeah.  not so much.

BUT…i cannot even begin to tell you how amazing danielle is.  as we spoke a few times about the weather the few days before, she really was so stinkin’ calm and cool.  she knew she had absolutely no control over the weather. {duh!}  but, even more than just simply accepting that fact, she embraced it!  she knew that God had planned out this day, and also knew it was going to be just the way it was supposed to be.  so she and Nathan just went with it!  she went out, bought fun rain boots and umbrellas {just in case!}, and we had a BLAST!  her girls were such brave souls, too…considering their dresses were definitely made for warmer weather.  to be sure, it’s a day none of us will ever forget.  i cannot get enough of these two vintage souls…

nathan and danielle…such an amazing day to say the least!  what a beautiful wedding to witness…and what an incredible privilege to play a part.  thank you again for your spirit of willingness to take whatever life throws at you and make the most of it.  i cannot tell you how much it really encouraged my soul.  i do pray you would continue to embrace that spirit.  to love each other more than you love yourselves.  to live like each day were your last.  i cannot wait to see what your future holds…blessings, friends!